About The Misinformation Game #

The Misinformation Game began as an undergraduate project at the University of Western Australia in 2021, and later grew into the sophisticated social-media research tool that it is today. The idea for the project was originally conceived by Ullrich Ecker, and the project is now led by Lucy Butler from the Ecker Memory & Cognition Lab. The project continues to be developed and maintained by Padraig Lamont, although foundational work on the project was also undertaken by Dean Law Yim Wan, Danny Marwick, Yunhui Rao, Andrew Pilkington, and Xiyu Gao. The project also received significant contributions in its conception, design, and testing by Toby Prike, Mehwish Nasim, Bradley Walker, Nicolas Fay, and Sherica Fabienne Ocbania. The collaboration from all of these people has been vital to the successful development of The Misinformation Game. We hope that it will be a helpful tool in facilitating continued research into social-media!

If you are using The Misinformation Game for your work, we’d love to hear about it! You can contact us through our email, the issue tracker, or on Slack. It would be great to feature some work that people have done using this tool!