Example Games #

We have provided these example games in the hopes that they may help you to understand the basic functionality and purpose of The Misinformation Game. There are two example games that are provided here. One uses the single-post mode, and the other uses the feed mode of the Misinformation Game. The single-post mode will display a single post to you at a time, whereas the feed mode will display all posts in a feed. The former can be useful if you wish for all your participants to consider one post at a time, whereas the latter is closer to real social-media platforms. We hope you enjoy playing through these games!

Additionally, the study configuration spreadsheets that were used to create the example games can be found here. You may use these as examples when building your own study using the Misinformation Game.

Access #

You may access example studies from the following URLs:

If the game doesn't load correctly for you, then that may be caused due to hosting limits. The example games are hosted under the free tier of Firebase. You can read more about Firebase's limits and pricing in the Firebase Pricing Documentation.