How to Play The Misinformation Game #

This is a copy of the default rules page that will be shown to participants before they start a study where posts are not displayed in a feed. Rules for studies where posts are displayed in a feed will vary slightly from what is shown below. The content of this page can be edited for your own studies.

This document contains slight modifications from the actual default rules page to make it readable within this documentation website. If you wish to view the actual default rules page from the game, then you can try the example game that can be accessed from the example game page.

How to Participate #

You will be shown a series of posts, which you are encouraged to interact with.

When you are shown a post, you may choose one of the following reactions:

Options available to react to posts

If there are any comments beneath the post, you may also choose one of the following reactions for each comment:

Options available to react to comments

You may also write your own comments by typing your comment in the comment entry box below the post and clicking the submit comment button.

Disabled example of the comment entry box

To move on to the next post, you can press the continue to next post button underneath Your Progress. Your follower count and credibility rating are also shown under Your Progress,

Disabled example of the progress box

Your follower count is the number of other users following you on this network.

Your credibility rating indicates how credible you are perceived to be on a scale from 0 to 100. Credibility ratings will also be colour coded from dark red for the 0-10 range to dark blue for the 90-100 range.

You will start with 0 followers and a credibility rating of 50. As you interact with posts, these values may change based upon your interactions.